As a growing digital agency, you see more and more customers approaching you about their websites. They have a site, but it is grossly outdated, runs poorly on mobile and has terrible SEO. Are you interested in providing quality websites to your clients without adding staff? Let us take development projects off your plate.

Luminary Software is a leading white label website development agency in Canada. We can help you expand your web design offerings. We take the requests of your customer and turn that request into an absolute reality. You will be able to return a new, dynamic website with the latest SEO. Of course, it will be mobile ready as well.

Rather than using predesigned themes, Luminary offers full custom white label websites. Your customers have come to you for personalized service and unique designs. Luminary will do the same for you.

It is a win/win situation for you and your customer base. We love partnering with growing agencies on white label website design and development. As an extension of your team, we’ll be as behind-the-scenes or in the spotlight as you need us to be. The money that you can save by outsourcing web design to Luminary can be invested in the growth of your core business.

Concerned about what this will cost you and your customer? Luminary Software will work with you and your budget. We offer custom white label website development plans. We promise you the best possible white label website development services within your budget, along with a bit of room in the case the customer has some requests or revisions.

Our goals are your goals. Get in touch today! (866) 665-2677