Website Design
for Non Profits



Luminary Software offers custom web design and development solutions for the organizations that operate sans profit motives. If you are committed to a noble cause, we will help you connect with the people who support your work.

We build websites that strengthen your branding with unique personas and communication strategies to tell the world who you are, and what you stand for.

You may be working for the underprivileged, or to build a greener, and healthier planet for all, we give you the platforms you need to showcase your projects effectively.

The key elements that we incorporate to design websites for non-profits include:

  • A Strong Homepage Message
  • Unique Design and Fluid Navigation
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface
  • Data Security
  • SEO
  • Effective Call to Action
  • Clear Contact Details


As a non-profit web design agency in Saskatchewan, Luminary Software balances the blend of aesthetics and functionality to make websites striking and easy-to-navigate. Our focus is on increasing the number of online visitors, and encouraging them to know more about your vision and mission.

We have experienced web designers who know how to differentiate a website from its competitors to create a brand image that the owners would be proud of. And they are skilled at crafting responsive websites that work efficiently across desktops and mobile devices.

Using tactical engagement elements on each page of a website for your non-profit enterprise, we enable you to make new connections and inspire existing followers to share your content with others.

Technologies for User Experience and Security

Our team actively leverages WordPress content management system for website design and development, enabling the portal to always deliver ideal user experience.

All the data that your target audience shares with you – including personal details and the donations made to support your work – remains secure with end-to-end encryption.

And we test all websites thoroughly using advanced techniques before they go live on the internet.


Luminary Software also helps you shape your future digital marketing strategy by adding more pages to your non-profit organization’s website. Feel free to consult us for ideas on new sections that will make your virtual space more informative and engaging.

While increasing the volume of images, videos, and text content on any website, we take appropriate measures to ensure that its loading speed stays optimum. (866) 665-2677