SEO Agency Saskatoon

As a premier SEO company in Saskatoon, our team is composed of some of Canada’s foremost SEO experts and consultants, boasting decades of collective experience in the field. Our SEO services are designed to generate increased traffic, more leads, and additional inquiries, all contributing to the growth and success of your business.


seo agency saskaatoon


SEO Agency Saskatoon

Luminary Software is Saskatoon’s # 1 SEO Agency. We excel at turning underperforming websites like yours into powerful lead generating machines. To help you stand out and connect with your target audiences, we take a bespoke approach for your business. Our Saskatoon SEO services aim not only to increase your site’s visibility but also boost click-through rate for meaningful conversions.

Are you ready to increase your revenue?

At our SEO audit service, we conduct in-depth research into your business, competitors and industry. A website audit serves as the cornerstone of an effective SEO plan; our experts will meticulously inspect every element of your website in order to formulate a tailored proposal with solutions that meet these criteria.

Our Advanced SEO Techniques

Based on their research, your strategist will create tailored recommendations on how your business can generate more online revenues.
Our managed SEO services also include keyword research to boost your rankings for specific phrases. Our team will conduct this investigation for you and assist in selecting keywords searched by customers looking for your business.

Once the keywords are finalized, we will do the technical optimization including implemenation of meta tags and keywords.
As part of our managed SEO solutions, we’ll also optimize the off-page elements of your website as part of our comprehensive approach to SEO. Social media and third-party sites can have a dramatic effect on the performance of SEO for websites, so they must also be considered when optimizing them for performance.


Our websites not only look great, but are built to convert.

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We delve into the words and phrases that your customers use while searching for your products, services and/or content. Our team then analyzes, compares, and leverages the most optimal keyword opportunities for your portal.


Under our Saskatoon SEO services packages we develop and optimize your web content for visitors who are contemplating a purchase but need more information before they decide. Our SEO content writing service helps you be an eloquent thought leader in your industry.


We check websites similar to yours to see what works for search engine rankings in the domain, and how we can apply even better strategies for your digital marketing success.


For effective SEO in Saskatoon we also test webpages to understand how visitors interact with it and how can a page be improved for faster and more effective conversion.


We will help you get citations to your website from related blogs, journals, media websites and other platforms for more visibility and traffic.


Luminary Software also offers SEO audit service to analyze how effectively your web presence adheres to best practices in the virtual world. Considering the structural and content elements of your website, our audit offers actionable insights to ensure that you stay successful at online marketing. (866) 665-2677