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Our SEO Solutions in Calgary

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential facet of digital marketing that positions your business to achieve the leads and conversions it rightfully merits. The pivotal challenge lies in implementing strategies that elevate your website to the summit of search engine results for keywords pivotal to your industry.

Partnering with Luminary Software, your Calgary-based SEO agency, allows you to craft and execute formidable search engine marketing blueprints, ensuring premier online rankings. Leave the intricate demands of these tasks to us.

We amplify your brand’s footprint in organic search results using bespoke on-page and off-page SEO methodologies.


Through our specialized SEO solutions in Calgary, we assist businesses in transforming their websites into authoritative sources for featured snippets in Google search results. These snippets swiftly capture attention due to their eye-catching display and their endorsement by Google as the optimal responses to users’ inquiries. Such a distinguished presence not only elevates your visibility but also positions your business as a thought leader in your industry, projecting an image of expertise and credibility.


Our websites not only look great, but are built to convert.

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Be found in multimedia results, voice search and featured snippets

Our SEO services in Calgary are not merely about tweaking your website for ranking with certain keywords. We fine tune its myriad areas so that it always gets the attention of search engine crawlers and real-world users in different dimensions.

From the text content across web pages to your products images and the videos uploaded for product demonstrations and panoramic view of properties – such as hotels – we help you refine all elements that Google delivers in its search results.

As an SEO agency in Calgary that keeps up with changing online trends, we also optimize your website for voice search. With increasing use of mobile phones for web browsing, more than 20% of netizens use voice feature to find businesses and content on Google. And due to their conversational style, voice searches include longer phrases than standard keywords typed into search boxes. We ensure that your website has informative and engaging content to answer those verbal questions.

Beat the competition. Stay ahead, consistently

In an age of information overdose, Luminary Software’s tailored Calgary SEO solutions enable your website to be visible and build the trust that makes all the difference for businesses in the online zone.

In addition to maintaining a high rank for your brand, we ensure that it gives tangible value to your target audience. With the visibility of your web portal and the credibility of its content, they will not hesitate to choose you for an actual transaction.

As your very own SEO agency Calgary, we help you meet your marketing goals by leveraging the best of technologies in a world that is progressing seamlessly on the path of digital transformation. Feel free to contact us for more information and to choose an SEO package for your company.

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