Gravity Plumbing and Heating Regina, a leading service provider in Regina, Canada, had been conducting its operations without an online presence. Recognizing the potential of an online platform to reach a wider audience and enhance their business, they decided to take their first steps into the digital world.


The objective for Luminary Software Corp. was to create Gravity’s inaugural website. The mission was to design an interactive, user-friendly platform that would not only serve as a digital hub for their services but also perform well on search engines, thus extending their reach to potential customers online.

The Luminary Approach

Choosing WordPress as our platform of choice for its versatility and ease of use, we began by understanding Gravity’s vision for their digital presence. This involved extensive collaboration with the client, discussing their services, target audience, and the brand image they wished to project.

Our design team created an interactive and intuitive interface, ensuring the site was not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to navigate. The website was tailored to be responsive across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

We implemented robust SEO strategies, optimizing each page with strategic keywords, relevant meta tags, and high-quality, original content, in line with Gravity’s brand voice and values.


The launch of Gravity’s new website represented a significant leap in their business growth strategy. The website’s interactive design effectively communicated their commitment to superior service, and the user-friendly navigation significantly improved the customer experience.

Post-launch analytics revealed a significant increase in online visibility and user engagement. The SEO-optimized site began ranking well on search engines, leading to a surge in organic traffic and potential customer inquiries.


Through the successful delivery of an interactive, SEO-optimized WordPress website, Luminary helped Gravity Plumbing and Heating Regina ( transition into the digital realm. This project highlights Luminary’s commitment to crafting digital solutions that not only fulfill client expectations but exceed them, ensuring that every business, no matter its size or domain, can stand out vibrantly in the digital cosmos

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