Spirit Coaching Astrology provides astrology and coaching services to its clients. They wanted to upgrade their old website, which was created using a Godaddy template, to a professional and engaging website with booking functionalities. Luminary Software was chosen for this project.


The main challenge for Luminary Software was to create a website that is visually appealing and user-friendly, with booking functionalities. The previous website lacked the features required to take the business to the next level, and the client wanted a website that would help them attract more clients and improve their online presence.


Luminary Software created a new website for Spirit Coaching Astrology with a professional and engaging design. The new website features clear and concise content that is easy to read and understand, and it showcases the business's services and expertise. The booking functionalities were added to the site to allow users to select the service they want, select a date and time in a user-friendly calendar, and make payments easily.

Moreover, Luminary Software developed and launched Android and IOS apps for Spirit Coaching Astrology. This made it easier for clients to access the business's services from their mobile devices.

The website was also optimized for search engines, with tools and SEO features implemented to improve its ranking on search engine results pages.


The new website created by Luminary Software for Spirit Coaching Astrology was a major success. The website's new design and content were much more engaging, informative, and visually appealing than the previous website. The booking functionalities provided a seamless user experience for the clients, allowing them to easily book services online.

The Android and IOS apps developed by Luminary Software for Spirit Coaching Astrology made it easier for clients to access the business's services from their mobile devices, thus improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

The new site also performed well on search engines, generating more traffic to the website and increasing the business's online presence.


Luminary Software's professional website for Spirit Coaching Astrology was a major success, providing the business with a modern, engaging, and functional online presence. The new website with booking functionalities, along with the Android and IOS apps, provided an easy and seamless user experience for clients, ultimately helping Spirit Coaching Astrology attract more clients and grow its business.

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