Give Your Business a Digital Edge with the Canada Digital Adoption Program

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, digital transformation has become a top priority for businesses worldwide. To support Canadian businesses in this endeavour, the federal government has introduced the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). This initiative aims to assist companies in adopting new digital technologies by providing grants to fund their digital adoption strategies. As an approved CDAP Digital Advisor, Luminary Software is well-equipped to guide businesses towards a successful digital transformation.

The Boost Your Business Technology Grant: Partnering with a Certified Digital Advisor

The Boost Your Business Technology grant allows businesses to collaborate with certified digital advisors in Canada, such as Luminary Software, to develop a comprehensive digital adoption plan. This plan outlines the cost and roadmap of implementing digital strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. The grant will cover up to 90% of the cost to develop the digital adoption plan, up to a maximum grant payment of $15,000.

The $100,000 interest free loan through BDC

In addition to the Boost Your Business Technology grant, businesses accepted into the CDAP program’s technology stream are also eligible for a remarkable opportunity – a zero-interest loan of up to $100,000 from BDC. This loan offers a five-year interest-free option to cover the expenses associated with implementing your digital adoption plan.

A closer look at what the loan covers

The 0% interest loan aims to alleviate the financial burden of adopting new digital technologies by covering a wide range of expenses. These expenses can include:

  • Purchasing IT equipment: Acquiring the necessary hardware and devices required for a seamless transition to digital platforms.
  • Installing new software and technology: Implementing cutting-edge software and technologies that enhance business operations and efficiency.
  • Expanding and updating existing IT equipment: Upgrading and modernizing your current IT infrastructure to ensure compatibility with the new digital landscape.
  • Providing staff training on onboarded technologies: Equipping your employees with the essential skills and knowledge needed to fully leverage the benefits of new digital tools.
  • Purchasing materials and support services for successful onboarding: Investing in materials and services that facilitate a smooth and successful integration of new digital technologies.
  • Additional advisory services to support digital adoption plan implementation: Leveraging the expertise and guidance of certified digital advisors, like Luminary Software, to ensure the seamless execution of your digital adoption plan.

How Luminary Software can help your business?

Luminary Software is a trusted and reputable digital consultancy specializing in marketing data and technology. As a certified digital advisor under the CDAP program, we are committed to helping businesses harness the full potential of digital transformation. By partnering with us, your business can benefit from:

Business Needs Analysis: Tailoring Solutions to Your Unique Requirements

Our expert advisors will conduct a thorough analysis of your business, systems, processes, and goals. This invaluable understanding enables us to develop a prioritized list of digital transformation initiatives that align with your specific needs.

Digital Plan & Strategy: Charting a Path to Success

Our qualified CDAP advisors will work closely with you to devise a tailored digital adoption plan. This plan will delineate a clear roadmap for implementing digital strategies, highlighting the cost implications, and ensuring alignment with your overall business objectives.

Identifying Solutions & Implementation: Turning Strategy into Reality

Once your digital adoption plan receives approval, we can assist you in the efficient and effective implementation of the recommended solutions within your budgetary constraints. Our team of experts will ensure a smooth adoption process that minimizes disruptions to your daily operations.

With our expertise and guidance, your business can fully leverage the opportunities made available through the CDAP program. Contact us today to learn how we can help you secure a CDAP grant of up to $15,000 and a no-interest loan of up to $100,000. (866) 665-2677