Why should you migrate your website from Wix to WordPress?

As the number of content management systems and website building platforms increases, business owners tend to get confused as to what will work the best for them. For the ones who make conscious efforts to search for the “best website building tools” online, Wix and WordPress seem two conflicting choices.

While both have their own set of advantages, the web developers at Luminary Software who have worked on both the platforms know why WordPress is a better choice than Wix. And here are our top reasons to choose the former:

Design and Personalization

Your business website needs a distinct identity. While Wix offers hundreds of professionally designed templates that seem enticing, you cannot switch over to a new template without fully redesigning the site.

WordPress is a clear winner here. It gives you unlimited control over your web platform’s aesthetics. And when you employ a web developer with advanced coding knowledge, the outcomes are even better – you get a customized website with features and design elements that stand out to give your online asset a unique image.

Plugins and Apps

Plugins and integration of additional apps make a website functionally richer. They allow users to add contact forms, strengthen SEO, improve website loading speed, and offer email/ newsletter opt-ins on their websites.

On this front, once again, Wix provides limited customization options. Conversely, with WordPress you get flexible and adaptable plugins that only make a site more feature-rich and engaging, but also improve its security. Some of these plugins also allow users to add social share buttons for the blogs they upload. And there are others that provide spam protection to the platform.

E-commerce Facilities

When you intend to use your website for direct selling, you need a web builder with e-commerce plugins that can turn the platform into a fully functional online store.

Although Wix does have in-built sales features in some of its special e-commerce plans, it is good to sell only a limited number of products. It is not worth investing in if you wish to scale up your online store’s SKUs in future, even if you begin on a small scale.

On the other hand, WordPress with a variety of plugins for e-commerce functions enables users to sell in bigger numbers, and make consistent increase in the number of products to be sold. By integrating encrypted payment gateways into a WordPress site, experienced web developers also ensure that business receive their payments securely.

Blogging Convenience

To keep inviting visitors and promote their brand with thought-leadership content, all websites need blog sections. And blogging has to be a regular activity on the platform.

Wix does have features to categorize blogs, add tags, script author bios and it enables users to manage blogs from their mobile phones or tablets. However, it does not have much to make blogging more productive and user-friendly.

When compared to Wix and several other blogging platforms, WordPress wins again. It not only supports blog categorization and tagging but also provides a range of featured images to add with the posts. It also allows blog writers to back-date their posts. The writers or website administrators can also upload some content as private when it needs to be viewed by only some audience – such as business owners, quality analysts and other stakeholders.

Search Engine Optimization

Business owners want their websites to stay high up in Google rankings and they spend considerable amount of money each month for the SEO campaigns. They get higher returns on this investment from WordPress.

With better features for on-page SEO, XML sitemap, URL structures and custom coding, WordPress makes websites more findable – for search engines and human users – than Wix. It is also more scalable in terms of SEO.


If you are planning to launch a new web portal, we as an experienced team of web designers and developers, recommend WordPress. And if you already have your website on Wix but have now understood the benefits that WordPress provides, we will help you to migrate it to the more trusted content management platform.

Before signing off, here’s another fact that might interest you – In comparison to Wix that has an uptime assurance of only 99.8%, WordPress has an uptime guarantee of 99.95%. This may not seem significant to many, but it is. Here’s how:

  • Availability of 99.8% implies downtime of 20.16 minutes per week
  • Availability of 99.5% implies downtime of 5.04 minutes per week.

Which one looks better now? We know you understand!  

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