How is WordPress Better than GoDaddy Website Builder for Your Business Website?

WordPress and GoDaddy are two of the most trusted platforms to build feature-rich and secure websites. Casual bloggers often experiment with both and may use a variety of templates to see which one works better. However, the enterprises that need to nurture leads and conversions within a planned time frame cannot afford to play with such tools before they actually choose one to launch their web platforms.

When business owners or their marketing teams do not have sufficient knowledge about the pros and cons of such tools, it is wise to outsource the task to digitalization professionals.

At Luminary Software, we have designed and augmented a number of websites using myriad tools and technologies. And when our clients are confused about choosing between WordPress and GoDaddy Website Builder, we have a number of reasons to recommend the former.

Let us delve into a few of these:


As a low-code tool, WordPress allows users to customize site layout in different ways for unique look and feel. While tailoring the layout of a website to be used professionally is not easy for amateurs, the results it provides make the platform more valuable. Web designers at Luminary Software enhance user experiences on any WordPress site by giving attention to critical details.

On the other hand, layout customization does not always yield expected outcomes where a website is underpinned by GoDaddy. Indeed, the platform only has a limited number of templates where design and layout cannot be significantly changed. Users have to make do with what the chosen prototype originally offers to them.


The increasing number of attacks on business websites makes it necessary for owners to take all possible precautions for the safety of their online asset.

WordPress provides automatic updates and backups to the websites it supports. All its hosting plans come with pre-deployed SSL certificates that protect visitors’ connection the hosting servers. All information provided by the visitors on such websites is encrypted and cannot be hijacked by third parties.

On the other hand, while GoDaddy boasts of “comprehensive security measures”, it does not provide free SSL certificates on its cheaper plans. A business will have to shell out more to purchase basic security measures. And if does not spend extra for a more secure hosting plan, it faces the risk of data breach on its platform.

Uptime and Page Loading

The uptime of a website and the speed with which its pages load depend upon the hosting service. And seemingly small differences matter a lot for these factors. Any downtime will compel both new and returning visitors to abandon it.

An e-commerce website that has slow loading pages or frequent downtime issues will not be trusted for financial transactions. Google too appreciates fast loading and highly available websites, and considers such factors while ranking them in search results.

At the level of this comparison, downtime is very unlikely on a WordPress website. The platform promises uptime of minimum 99.95%, implying a downtime of only 43.20 seconds per day. And it promptly notifies its users for planned maintenance as also unexpected downtime (if any). Any downtime is typically rectified within milliseconds or microseconds.

GoDaddy is significantly behind WordPress when it comes to promised availability. It has an uptime of 99.9% which translates into downtime of 1.44 minutes per day. This rate is nothing special because a downtime of .01% will add up over weeks and impact customer experience poorly in the long run.

In terms of page loading speed, even though GoDaddy Website Builder is good, it is not better than WordPress that takes less than second to load pages liberally embellished with multimedia content.


It may be a general business website describing an organization’s products and services or an online store for instant sales and bookings, WordPress comes with a number of features to support its users. And the web designers at Luminary Software have made a special note of these while handling the projects they are trusted with.

If you still have questions on the advantages of WordPress vis-à-vis GoDaddy and other website building platforms, feel free to connect with us at +1 (866) 665-2677. And if you are ready to get your platform designed or re-designed by employing skilled WordPress experts, do tell us about your marketing goals. (866) 665-2677